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Dear colleagues,

I would like to thank all the organizers, especially Amber Johnson as local meeting host and Gilles Bignan as IGORR chairman, for the very successful joint TRTR-IGORR meeting (June 18th to 23rd, 2023). Almost 200 participants representing a significant part of the world's nuclear research reactor fleet, nuclear regulators and representatives of nuclear industry were discussing latest topics of general but also very detailed technical interest.​

​​​​​The presentations and papers of this conference are available on this link.

During the conference the steering committee voted for new chairman and vice-chairman. After fourteen years as chairman, Gilles Bignan anticipated his retirement from CEA and was no longer candidate as chairman. As new chair, Axel Pichlmaier (FRM II, Germany) was elected and Sean O'Kelly (ATR, INL, USA) as vice-chairman. A special “Thank you“ goes to Gilles for his years of dedication and success for IGORR.

The next IGORR conference is planned to be held in June 2025 Mito, Japan, hosted by JAEA. I thank the local organization and Masaji Arai for their willingness to host the next conference. It is foreseen to have also an embedded IAEA technical meeting.

All the Best

Dr. Axel Pichlmaier

IGORR chairman

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