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29 Apr - 1 May 1998 - Taejon,Republic of Korea

Title Author(s) Session
The IAEA programme on research reactor safety - An update Litai, Dan Technical session
BR2: The first year of operation after refurbishment Koonen, E. Technical session
Increasing the neutron flux at the beam tube positions of the FRG-1 Schreiner, P. Krull, W. Technical session
Use of the FRJ-2 for molybdenum production Wolters, J. Hansen, G. Stollwerk, G. Technical session
Status of JRR-4 modification works Nakajima, T. Banba, M. Funayama, Y. Sakurai, F. Horiguti, Y. Kaieda, K. Technical session
Developments at the Interfaculty Reactor Institute Verkooijen, Adrian H.M. Technical session
Neutron scattering upgrades at the high flux isotope reactor Farrar, Mike B. West, Colin D. Technical session
Current activities at the MIT Research Reactor Hu Linwen Bernard, John A. Harling, Otto K. Kohse, Gordon E. Ames, Michael Ames, Ilhan Olmez Technical session
Status of activities on the unresolved licensing issues for HANARO Han, Gee-Yang Chae, Hee-Taek Sohn, Dong-Seong Lee, Ji-Bok Lim, In-Cheol Technical session
Development of inspection and maintenance program for reactor and reactivity control units in HANARO Cho, Yeong-Garp Technical session
Development of a polymer catalyst for HANARO detritiation H. Chungt , H. S. Kang, S. W. Paek, J. H. Yoo, S. H. Shon Technical session
Linearity improvement on wide-range log signal of neutron measurement system for HANARO Young-Ki, Kim, Jeffrey S. Tuetken Technical session
New horizontal facility for neutron transmutation doping of silicon Nielsen, Kirsten Hjerrild Technical session
Do existing research reactors teach us all about beam tube optimisation? Roegler, Hans-Joachim Feltes, Wolfgang Technical session
Shielding design calculation of a 50 MW research reactor Ralsall, G.R. Hashemi, F. Khodadadi, R. Technical session
New material controlled irradiation facility in the KUR Yoshiie, T. Hayashi, T. Xu, Q. Tsujimoto, H. Kamae, K. Mishima, K. Shiroya, S. Utsuro, M. Fujita, Y. Technical session
Current status and future plan of neutron beam facility at JRR-3M Sakurai, F. Ohtomo, A. Kakefuda, K. Kaieda, K. Technical session
Design of the fuel test loop in the HANARO Sim, B.S., Chi, D.Y. Technical session
Utilization and facility of neutron activation analysis in HANARO research reactor Chung, Y.S. Chung, Y.J. Moon, J.H. Technical session
Design of a BNCT facility at HANARO Jun, Byung Jin Technical session
Replacement research reactor for Australia Miller, Ross Technical session
Validation of computer codes used in the safety analysis of Canadian research reactors Bishop, W.E. Lee, A.G. Technical session
General performance and utilization plan of the Egyptian Second Research Reactor Abdelrazek, I.D. Fayek, M.K. Shokr, A.M. Ali, A.E. Technical session
Reacteur Jules Horowitz (RJH) : A new material testing reactor. Status report Ballagny, A. Frachet, S., Leydier, C. Minguet, J.L. (T Technical session
The high flux neutron source, FRM-II at Garching Didier, Hans-Juergen Technical session
Operational characteristics of research reactor MARIA after modernisation Krzysztoszek, Grzegorz Technical session
The I and C system of FRM-II Heyer, Joachim Technical session
Thermohydraulic and mechanical analysis of the research reactor Munich II Compact-Core Adamek, J., S. Spruenken, H. Unger, H. Technical session
Burnable absorber for the PIK reactor Gostev, V.V. Smolskii, S.L. Tchmshkyan, D.V. Zakharov, A.S. Zvezdkin, V.S. Konoplev, K.A. Technical session
Cryogenic refrigeration for cold neutron sources Gistau-Baguer, Guy Technical session
Progress on the cold neutron source of the Garching Neutron Research Facility FRM-II Gobrecht, Klaus Technical session
Multistage UCN turbine and replica supermirror for very low energy neutron generation and transportation Yuji KA WABATA and Masatoshi SUZUKI Technical session
The High Flux Isotope Reactor (HFIR) cold source project at ORNL Selby, D.L. Lucas, A.T. Chang, S.J. Freels, J.D. Technical session
A study of heat removal system for CNS of Hanaro Man Soon Cho, Kook Nam Park, Jae Min Sohn, Sun Hee Park, Chang Oong Choi Technical session
The International Science and Technology Center (ISTC) and ISTC projects related to research reactors. Information review Tocheniy, L. Rudneva, V.Ya. Technical session
Design of a prompt gamma neutron activation analysis system at HANARO Hee Dong Choi, Soo Hyun Byun, Byung Jin Jun Technical session
Irradiation induced tensile property change of SA 508 Cl.3 reactor pressure vessel steels Se-Hwan Chi, Jun-Hwa Hong, 11-Hiun Kuk Technical session
IGORR 6: Workshop on R and D needs and results Selby, Douglas Technical session
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