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23-25 May 1995 - Gatlinburg TN, USA

Title Author(s) Session
Status of the research reactor FRJ-2 at the Research Center Juelich, Germany Wolters, J. Technical session
Proceedings of the fourth meeting of the International Group On Research Reactors Rosenbalm, K.F. Technical session
Potential for new societal contributions from the advanced test reactor Ryskamp, John M. Conner, Julie E. Ingram, Fred W. Technical session
Absorber rigs - A better concept than burnable poison Nielsen, Kirsten Hjerrild Technical session
The initial criticality and nuclear commissioning test program at HANARO Lee, Choong-Sung Seo, Chul-Gyo Jun, Byung-Jin Technical session
Description of the high flux isotope reactor and future upgrades Flanagan, G.L. Technical session
Surveillance programme and upgrading of the High Flux Reactor Petten Bieth, Michel Technical session
Neutrons down-under: Australia's research reactor review Murray, Allan Technical session
Upgrade and modernization of NBSR Williams, Robert E. Technical session
ORPHEE reactor. Upgrade of the installation Farnoux, B. , Maziere, M. Technical session
Status of the FRM-II project Boening, K. Hennings, U. Technical session
Development of the new Canadian Irradiation-Research Facility Lidstone, R.F. Lee, A.G. Bishop, W.E. Talbot, E.F. MCilwain, H. Technical session
The state of the PIK reactor construction Konoplev, K.A. Technical session
A continuously pulsed TRIGA reactor: An intense source for neutron scattering experiments Whittemore, William L. Technical session
Status of ANS closeout activities West, C.D Technical session
Results of a survey on accident and safety analysis codes, benchmarks, verification and validation methods Lee, A.G. Wilkin, G.B. Technical session
Selected thermal and hydraulic experimentation in support of the advanced neutron source reactor Yoder, G.L. Jr. Crabtree, J.A. Felde, D.K. McDuffee, J.L. Siman-Tov, M. Stovall, T.K. Swinson, W.F. Yahr, J.T. Technical session
CHF correlation scheme proposed for research reactors using plate-type fuel - New CHF correlation under CCFL condition Kaminaga, Masanori Sudo, Yukio Kodaira, Tsuneo Ohnishi, Nobuaki Technical session
Thermal hydraulic tests of a liquid hydrogen cold neutron source. NISTIR 5026 Siegwarth, J.D. Olson, D.A. Lewis, M.A. Rowe, J.M. Williams, R.E. Kopetka, P. Technical session
Modeling and analysis of liquid deuterium-water reactions Taleyarkhan, R.P. Technical session
Advances in the understanding of U3Si2-Al dispersion fuel irradiation behavior Snelgrove, J.L. Hofman, G.L. Rest, J. Birtcher, R.C. Technical session
Status of development: Main features of plates and dummy element fabrication for FRM II Ailloud, C. Colomb, P. Durand, J.P. Harbonnier, G. Technical session
Dual fuel gradient development update Pace, Brett W. Technical session
The effects of irradiation to 8x1026m-2 on the mechanical properties of 6061-T651 aluminum Alexander, D.J. Technical session
MOCUP: MCNP-ORIGEN2 coupling utility programs Babcock, R.S. Technical session
Graphical user interface simplifies MCNP use and provides burnup capabilities Lewis, Bryan Technical session
Fission product and chemical energy releases during core melt events in U-Al research reactors Taleyarkhan, R.P. Technical session
Fission product release from the molten research reactor core, FRM-II Didier, H.-J. Technical session
JAERI/ORNL tests and analyses on transient heating of U3Si2-Al miniplates in nuclear safety research reactor Fuketa, T. Technical session
IGORR-IV workshop on R and D needs Boening, Klaus Technical session
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